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What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette?

Bio-mass Briquetting Plant are high quality fuels that are obtained by processing bio-wastes obtained from agriculture, forests and industries. Bio-mass are generally disposed in a futile manner. Burning those wastes causes a lot of release of CO2 into the atmosphere. When they are briquetted appropriately their density increases along with their thermal calorific value. This fuel does not emit too much of pollutants or harmful elements such as sulphur or ash-fly.

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The Briquetting Project

This project is titled as Briquetting Plant This project involves processing agro-forestry & Industrial wastages into highly efficient form of fuel known as bio-mass briquettes or bio-coal. It can also be identified as environment friendly- renewable energy project. This is because the bio-coal produced out of this project has abundant availability, high calorific value, and cause least pollution. And so they can form an excellent substitute for the conventional fuels such as coal, diesel, lignite, and kerosene, which are getting scarce and costly apart from being highly pollutant.

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Today global warming and deforestation are the two major problems of the world. An efficient as well as low polluting fuel is hence the need of the industries as well as commercial centres. Briquettes form such a fuel, because they are high thermal calorific valued fuels and do not emit too much of CO2 and other harmful elements; in addition to that, they are also bio-degradable. Since they are produced from bio-wastes, they are available in abundance and are very cheap. Our company, Jay Khodiyar machine tools is one of the leading companies in India, producing high quality Briquetting Machine meant for producing finest briquettes.

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